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LAW ENFORCEMENT LINKS - The Home of Law Enforcement! News, issues, videos, tactics, schools, resources, investigation resources, and more! For NJ officers, for all officers. R 2

2.Polygraph Test-Help with passing any polygraph. R 2

3.Police Academy - Police academy preperation products. R 2

4.Canadian Law, Lawyer Locator-In plain, straightforward English. More than 90 major categories of law. Includes history, dictionary of terminology, types of modern law, and links to law schools and associations. r

5.Toronto Lawyers - Personal injury lawyers in Toronto providing a free consultation and valuable information surrounding Canadian law. r

6. COP JOKES - The Police In Humor - A huge collection of funny police jokes and humor. R 3

7. 007 Radar Detectors - High End Radar Detectors and Jammers. Free FedEx Two Day Shipping! R 4 - Find police jobs and information. r

9.Stun Guns - Self defense and home security products. r0

10. Police Auctions & Government Auctions - DEAauctions.COM is the Official U.S. National Headquarters for current Police auctions and Government auctions information at all Local, State, and Federal Levels with 24/7 Instant On-Line access to the #1 Nationwide Database. R 2

11. Police Academy - Police academy information that will enable you to get the law enforcement job of your dreams. R

12. www.Scharch.Com - Reloading supply for handgun brass, rifle brass, bullets, and ammunition packaging by TopBrass from Scharch Mfg., Inc. for home reloading of ammunition components. Ammunition resource for the countrys leading handgun and shooting organizations like law enforcement agencies and cowboy shooters. W 05-28-05

13.Polygraph Test - Find a polygraph examiner in your state.

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<A HREF="/index.html">Polygraph</A> - Find out why an honest person will often fail a polygraph exam.

<A HREF="/y.htm">Police Job</A> Police jobs information and products for getting hired.

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