Michigan State Police Officers, these so called truth machines are dangerous! 

  Let Me Tell You Why?

The Michigan state police department gives a polygraph or CVSA examination as part of their hiring process. Would you pass?

michigan state police "[Polygraph screening] is completely without any theoretical foundation and has absolutely no validity...the diagnostic value of this type of testing is no more than that of astrology or tea-leaf reading."

Former Supervisory Special Agent
Dr. Drew C. Richardson,
FBI Laboratory Division

Did you know that certain medical conditions can cause a truthful person to fail a polygraph test? To be perfectly honest there are several reasons a person can fail, even if they have not lied. You might also want to be aware that, passing or failing your test is not completely decided by the machine. The examiner has to interpret the little squiggles on his machine then decide if you were lying or not. So if the examiner is biased against a certain person or race then those individuals would definitely have a rough time getting hired.

I'm Telling You Don't trust your career or freedom to this biased machine.


 Here Is What You Will Most Likely See

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After reading this e-book, you will understand why it is important to be cautious about this machine. There has never been any proof that any man made machine can tell if a person is being deceptive. We will show you certain techniques that will enable you to pass your polygraph no matter what. So if you have applied to be a Michigan state police officer, then you might want to seriously think about reading this e-book. It could be the difference between your $40,000 career and your $17,000 career.

The polygraph has been scientifically proven to not work. Don't think that just because you are telling the truth you will pass. Did you know that the polygraph machine is outlawed in some states. Why would this so called truth machine be outlawed, if it really worked?

I can't stress to you enough to watch out for these machines. They are just techniques to get you to tell you deepest darkest secrets. Don't be bullied into taking one of these test, without preparing. Even if you have nothing to hide, are you willing to risk that $40,000 a year job.

"What Can I Realistically Expect From This Book"

You can expect to pass your polygraph or cvsa examination no matter what. %100 guarantee that you pass. Even if you don't tell them the whole truth. %100 GUARANTEE THAT YOU PASS You need to decide if $19.99 is worth going into your test absolutely sure that you are going to pass. Wouldn't you like to be sure? Just in case your worried that you might not be able to do this, I will give you my personal e-mail address to answer any questions you may have. This is what I do for a living, so I take it very seriously. You pass or the manual is free.

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