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Military Resources - A community of veterans working their claim for service connected disabilities through the V.A. system. R 3

2.Camouflage Clothing, Hunting and Camping Gear - offers camo clothes for men, women and kids as well as hunting and camping gear. military and law enforement uniforms and equipment. R 3

3.Coleman's Military Surplus - your one stop for military surplus, survival gear, hunting & camping gear. R 0

4.Replica Guns, Replica Swords, Civil War Weapons, Medieval Swords - Replica Guns, Civil War Weapons, Replica Swords: An outstanding collection of Replica Guns, Swords, Blank Guns, Knives, Daggers and other weapons from the Civil War Period, Medieval Swords, Colonial, World War II, Pirate Flintlocks, Muskets, Wild West blank firing guns and much, much more. R 0

5.Polygraph Test - Find a polygraph examiner in your state.

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<A HREF="/index.html">Polygraph</A> - Find out why an honest person will often fail a polygraph exam.

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