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Can a Lie Detector Test / CVSA really be beaten? You bet so. How do we know? Because showing people how to pass their lie detector tests is our job. Our competitors would have you believe that their way is the only way to pass your exam. Truth is, there is really only ONE way to manipulate these exams so you pass. So what you need to decide is what you are willing to pay. We GUARANTEE that you won't find another manual priced as low as ours. We do this day in and day out, so you can be sure that we know what we're talking about. Our team uses a scientific approach to manipulate these exams so that we produce a truthful chart every single time, and we can show you how to do the same. To answer any questions you may have, we have hired two retired law enforcement sergeants and one ex-military master sergeant. Between these three polygraph examiners we have over 65 years experience with polygraph examinations.


Go ahead, check it out. There has never been proof, that any machine can detect if a person is being deceptive. However, every single police department in the world would like you to think that their little exams work like a charm. Therefore, all you need to pass the polygraph or CVSA, is for someone to show you how. Not a person who just writes about it and asks for an outrageous amount of your money, but from people who have passed over one hundred consecutive police officer polygraphs and CVSA examinations. We sign up just to prove that these things are a joke. And that is just what we do.

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We are so confident about this proven method, that it comes with a NO HASSLE FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Does any other polygraph manual offer this same guarantee. If not, then ask yourself why.

Let us show you how to pass any lie detector or CVSA exam no matter what you have done. With our proven method, you will be able to have the confidence you need to pull it off. The method for passing these exams never change, but it's up to you how much you pay. We only ask a fraction of what our competitors charge. You need to decide if $19.99 is worth going into your polygraph exam sure you're going to pass. Don't you want to be sure? The manual will be available immediately once payment has been processed. Remember to write down the url(the address of the site) when you are taken to the manual.

The number one reason to buy this manual over some of the others:
Because it just makes more sense to pay less, and get the same results as you would with a manual that cost more. The techniques for passing are universal, so it is up to you how much you pay. We promise two things. The first being that you will pass. The second one is that no examiner will be able to tell that you are using these techniques. Police candidates, this is a must have.
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The polygraph manual will load onto your screen immediately once payment has been made. From there just click print.
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