How to Get Top Scores On The Written and Oral Board Exams
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As the first steps in the hiring process, the written exam and oral boards are the critical portions that YOU have direct control over. It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you do your best on these. The difference of one point can matter as to whether you get the job or not.

That point is so important that it deserves repeating. Every point that you increase your written exam and oral board scores can make the difference on whether you get this incredible job or not.

There are a lot of people trying to become law enforcement personnel so it is extremely important that you prepare for the process! You now have access to the top written exam and oral board interview tips and advice.

All of the information given here is compiled from a police supervisor who has helped hire many dozens of law enforcement personnel. If you want to get a law enforcement job, you have come to the right place. The information in this manual will give you questions that you will most likely hear. So if you know the questions before hand, you can come up with great sounding answeres that will blow there socks off.
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